Advanced Printing Options - PaperCut Grayscale / Color

Available Options for Copiers:

  • Double-sided printing

  • Corner staple

  • Edge staple (two position)

  • Three hole punch

  • Cover insertion

  • Half fold (color machines only)

  • Tri-fold (color machines only)

  • Center staple and fold (color machines only)


  • Split and Batch Print - split a large document such as a test results file or mail merge into sections for stapling or mailing

Please note:

  • Folding features are not available on all copiers

  • Make sure you release your print job on a copier that supports all of the features you have selected

  • Device capabilities are posted at each copier


  • If you're printing from Chrome, first choose "Print using system dialog..." at the bottom of the print screen, then continue below

  • Select PaperCut Grayscale or PaperCut Color, then click "Printer Properties" or "Preferences", depending on the application

  • On the Layout tab choose your duplex option

  • On the Finish tab choose your staple and hole punch options

For help with folding, booklet making, cover insertion, or other copier features, contact