Student Printing

Students are granted a printing and copying allowance of $15 per semester

How can I print?

Students can print from any school computer, or by using Web Print on a personal computer connected to the LMS School Wi-Fi network. Students can copy and scan from any PaperCut copier. Students can log in to PaperCut copiers with their 5-digit student ID number.

How much can I print with $15?

  • Up to 750 grayscale pages, double-sided

  • Up to 500 grayscale pages, single-sided

  • Up to 150 color pages, single-sided

  • Printing cost depends on the choice of printer, color, and duplex

What if I exceed my allowance?

  • If you run out of printing credit during the semester, you can submit a request for more credit by emailing

  • Your school printing allowance is intended to be used for printing study materials and assignments

  • Your request may be denied if there is evidence of wasteful or unnecessary printing

What if I don't use all of my allowance?

  • If you have credit left over at the end of the semester, you can carry it over to the following semester, up to a total of $30

  • Remaining printing credit cannot be withdrawn or refunded at the end of the year