Split and Batch Print

Split and Staple Example:

You have a 300-page test results document comprised of 3 pages for each of your 100 students. You need to staple each student's results into a packet.

  1. Prepare document by saving it as a PDF

2. Split the PDF document into a separate file for each student

    1. Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC (not Acrobat Reader DC)
    2. Click Tools
    3. Choose Organize Pages
    4. Click Split
    5. Split by Number of pages and input the number of pages for each student
    6. Click Split to generate the individual files
    7. The individual files are saved in the same location as the original PDF file

3. Upload your individual files for printing in Web Print

    1. Log in to webprint.lancastermennonite.org
    2. In the menu, click Web Print
    3. Click Submit a Job
    4. Choose your campus and select PaperCut Grayscale
    5. Choose Double-Sided, Corner Staple
    6. Select an account to charge
    7. Click Upload Documents
    8. Locate the individual files you generated earlier and drag them into the Drag files here area
    9. Click Upload & Complete

4. Release print jobs after processing is complete

    1. The Web Print page will show you the status of your jobs as the server prepares them for printing
    2. When all jobs display a status of "Held in queue", you are ready to release them for printing at your favorite PaperCut copier