Conventional Printers

  1. Print as usual to conventional single-function printers

  2. After clicking Print, complete Account Selection (details below)

PaperCut Copiers

  1. You can print to any copier by selecting PaperCut Grayscale or PaperCut Color as your printer

    • Jobs printed to PaperCut Grayscale can be retrieved at any PaperCut copier (look for PaperCut Grayscale sign)

    • Jobs printed to PaperCut Color can be retrieved at any color PaperCut copier (look for PaperCut Color sign)

  2. After clicking Print, complete Account Selection (details below)

  3. Your job will be held in the queue until you release it from a copier's control panel

  4. Walk to the nearest PaperCut copier and log in with your ID badge (Setup your ID badge), student ID number, or username and password

  5. Tap Print All to release all queued jobs, or tap Print Release to see individual jobs or change options

  6. If you chose Print Release, you will see a list of your queued jobs

  7. You can select one or more jobs to print or delete, or you can change job options such as number of copies, duplex mode, or color mode, by tapping the > button next to the job name

  8. When finished, tap the log out button in the top right corner of the screen

If you do not release your print job within 24 hours, it will be cancelled and you will not be charged.

Learn about Advanced Printing Options for PaperCut Grayscale and PaperCut Color

Account Selection

Faculty and Staff only (students do not need to select a department)

  1. Tell your application to print the document

  2. After a few seconds, you should see a Print Job Notification window (example below)

  3. If you want to print multiple documents and charge them all to the same account, move the Print Job Notification window out of the way (do not close it) and print the rest of your documents. They will queue until you are ready to complete account selection

  4. Printing for school use:

    • Option 1: Select Charge to a shared account and choose the correct account from the drop down list

    • Option 2: Select Charge to shared account using PIN/Code and enter the appropriate department code (Department List)

  5. Printing for personal use:

    • Select Charge to my personal account. Learn more about your personal account here, including how to add funds

  6. If you have multiple documents queued from step 3, select Apply to all documents in queue at the bottom of the window

  7. Click the Print button

Account Selection Window

The account selection window displays the name of your print job, the destination printer, the number of pages, and the total cost of the job.

Factors that influence job cost include printer choice, color, duplex, and paper size. Large copiers are the least expensive, and desktop printers are the most expensive.

You can bill school printing to your department by selecting a department from the list or by entering a department code, or to your personal account for personal use.


Oops! I charged my personal account when I meant to charge a department (or the other way around...)

Solution: Send an email to, specifying which jobs (a time is helpful, such as "the two documents I printed between 10:30 and 10:45 am on April 10"), and the correct account for the jobs ("High School Astronomy Department," or "Elementary Polo Team," for example).

Hey! The printer didn't print (or jammed, or wrinkled, or smudged) the document, but I was still charged. That's highway robbery!

Solution: Consider using less dramatic metaphors, and then sign into with your school username and password. Select "Recent print jobs" on the left, then choose "request refund" on the appropriate job, specifying a reason.