PaperCut Setup

Before using a PaperCut copier, you should set up your badge or ID number for easy login

Associate an ID Badge

  1. If you have an ID Badge, you can use it to quickly log in to a copier
  2. Hold the card near the reader on the work table at the right of the copier
  3. If this is the first time you are using your card, the copier screen will display "Unknown Card. Do you wish to associate this card?"
  4. Tap Yes and enter your school username and password, then press Set
  5. After logging in, you should see the message "Your card has been successfully associated. You can now use your card to log in."

Set up an ID Number

  1. Log in at using your LMS username and password
  2. Click Change Details
  3. Enter your desired ID number and click Change Number
    • Must be at least 5 digits long
    • May contain letters and symbols
    • If your forget your ID number, you can view it here later
  4. Verify that your ID number is displayed next to Current Number
  5. Test your ID number by using it to login to a PaperCut copier